Jacey Rader

Jacey Rader Photo

Full Name: Jacey Rader

Title: Assistant Deputy Administrator

Commission Title: Commissioner / Compact Administrator / Deputy Compact Administrator - Probation

Role Group: Probation Only

Agency: Office of Probation Administration

Unit: Interstate Compact

Address: PO Box 98910

Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-8910

Region: Midwest

Email: jacey.rader@nejudicial.gov

Office Phone:

Direct Phone: 402-471-2855


Fax 1: 402-471-4891

Fax 2:



Jacey Rader began her career with probation in 2004, served as a probation officer until 2013, was promoted to Compliance Officer with the Administrative Office of Probation, and was appointed as Assistant Deputy Administrator of the Administration & Operations Division in May of 2018. She has spearheaded the implementation of custodial sanctions on interstate compact transfer offenders and worked to implement a process to ensure interstate compact cases are entered into the statewide JUSTICE system. In addition to her work with the Compact Office, she serves as a Compliance Officer for the Administrative Office of Probation and serves on numerous committees.


Rader serves as the Commissioner and Deputy Compact Administrator of Probation for the Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision (ICAOS), is a member of the Training Committee, and is a nationwide trainer for the Commission.


In addition to her work with the ICAOS, Rader is also a member of the Interstate Commission for Juveniles (ICJ). In 2014, she was appointed as the Deputy Compact Administrator and later appointed Commissioner. She trains nationally for the ICJ, serves on their Compliance Committee, and was elected by her peers as chair of the Commission in 2019.


Rader is a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln (2002) with a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice.