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Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision | Ensuring Public Safety for the 21st Century



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Signed into law:
April 21, 2000


Vacant -

Commissioner / Compact Administrator


Deputy Compact Administrator

Don Werner

DCA Parole

Don WernerPhoto


LaVon Hill

DCA Probation

LaVon  HillPhoto


State ICOTS Administrator

KY - ICOTS Administrator

ICOTS Administrator


Victims’ Representative

Tammy Lou Wright

Victims' Representative


State Council


Senator John Schickel, Chair, representing the Senate
Ronald L. Washington, Vice Chair, representing members at-large
Mary Kathryn Shields, representing members at-large
Connie M. Payne, representing the Judicial Branch
Jeffrey Rogers, representing members at-large
Tammy Lou Wright, representing members at-large
Kimberly N. Bunnell, representing the Judicial Branch
Rhonda Henry, representing members at-large
Ravonne Lee Sims, Deputy Commissioner, Office of Community Services, Department of Corrections
James Erwin, Deputy Commissioner, Department of Corrections
Johnathan Hall, Director of Probation & Parole, Interstate Compact Commissioner
Representative Jason Petrie, representing the House of Representatives
Zachary Smith, representing members at-large

Meeting Documents




Based upon what was ordered by the court or parole board if the offender would have been supervised in the state of conviction. If there is not a mention of a supervision fee, Kentucky generally charges no more than $25/mo.