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Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision | Ensuring Public Safety for the 21st Century

District of Columbia

District of Columbia

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Signed into law:
November 26, 2002


James Berry

Commissioner / Compact Administrator

James BerryPhoto


Deputy Compact Administrator

State ICOTS Administrator

DC - ICOTS Administrator

ICOTS Administrator


Compact Office

Ashley Sims

Compact Supervisor


Victims’ Representative

Bonnie Andrews-Craig

Victims' Representative




Number: DC ST § 24-133

Offender Information

CSOSA Fact Sheet: Sex Offender Registration / 06.03.16

Violation Grid Information

Violation Sanctioning Grid (Under Review)

State Council


Hon. Muriel E. Bowser, Mayor, District of Columbia
Hon. Robert E. Morin, Chief Judge, Superior Court for the District of Columbia
Hon. Phil Mendelson, Chairman, Council of the District of Columbia
Hon. Jessie K. Liu, United States Attorney for the District of Columbia
Kevin Donahue, Deputy Mayor, Public Safety and Justice
Leslie C. Cooper, Director, Pretrial Services Agency
Hon. Patricia Cushwa, Acting Chairman, United States Parole Commission
Hon. Karl A. Racine, Attorney General, District of Columbia
Michael Hughes, United States Marshal Service
Quincy L. Booth, Director, Department of Corrections
Hugh J. Hurwitz, Acting Director, Federal Bureau of Prisons
Avis E. Buchanan, Director, Public Defender Service
Clinton Lacey, Director, Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services
Hon. Charles Allen, Chairman, Public Safety and Justice Committee, Council of the District of Columbia
James D. Berry, Jr., Acting Director, Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency
Mannone A. Butler, Executive Director, Criminal Justice Coordinating Council