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Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision | Ensuring Public Safety for the 21st Century



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Signed into law:
June 27, 2000


Anne Precythe

Commissioner / Compact Administrator

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Anne L. Precythe began serving as Director of the Department of Corrections in February 2017 and brings nearly 30 years of service as a corre

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Anne L. Precythe began serving as Director of the Department of Corrections in February 2017 and brings nearly 30 years of service as a corrections professional into her role as director. Before becoming the second woman director for the Missouri Department of Corrections, Precythe served as the Director of Community Corrections in the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. She was employed with the Division of Community Corrections in North Carolina since 1988, where she began her career as a Probation/Parole Officer. 


Deputy Compact Administrator

Rick Kuttenkuler

Deputy Compact Administrator


State ICOTS Administrator

MO - ICOTS Administrator

ICOTS Administrator


Compact Office

Kristi Lockwood

Interstate Compact Unit Supervisor

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Victims’ Representative

Kathleen Tofall

Victims’ Representative




Number: VAMS § 589.500

Offender Information

Sex Offender Registration Requirements

Violation Grid Information

Violation Response Grid

State Council


Anne Precythe, Commissioner / Chair
Julie Kempker
Senator John Rizzo
Representative Nick Schroer
Kathleen Tofall, Victim Representative
John Mosley, Ex-officio
Steve Mueller, Ex-officio
Gale Bridges, Ex-officio
Diana Duff, Ex-officio
Cicely Riley, Ex-officio
Christy Carpenter, Ex-officio
Anita VanDorin-Laire, Ex-officio
Kristi Lockwood, Ex-officio
Rick Kuttenkuler, DCA / Ex-officio

Meeting Documents


Effective January 1, 2017, the Missouri criminal code revisions included changes to RSMo 217.735 and 559.106. These revisions have expanded the population of Missouri sex offenders who are eligible for lifetime supervision. The code now includes numerous offenders who are currently on supervision that previously did not meet the statutory criteria, but will now as the provisions are applied retroactively. Lifetime supervision means the offender will have to submit to GPS monitoring in addition to the current conditions of supervision. For each impacted interstate case, Missouri will send applicable information to the receiving state via ICOTS that will fully outline the offender’s supervision requirements, along with documentation requiring the offender’s signature. Missouri thanks everyone in advance for their assistance.