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Ohio Lifts Some Restrictions

 Effective date 5/1/2020

Adopting Authority Commissioner Katrina Ransom in response to Executive Order signed by Ohio Governor Mike Dewine

Operations Affected Transfer requests


Pursuant to the Executive Order signed by Ohio Governor Mike Dewine declaring a state of emergency due to COVID-19 and the extension of the Governor’s “Stay at Home Order” through May 29, 2020; Ohio is gradually lessening the restrictions that were previously imposed to be consistent with the vision of the Governor’s systemic approach to reducing restrictions at a statewide level . As of May 1, with the exception of discretionary transfer requests, all other previous restrictions have been lifted (travel permits and expedited reporting instruction requests). Ohio will resume investigation of discretionary transfer requesst effective May 18, 2020. As always, if there are extenuating circumstances that would warrant an investigation occurring prior to that date, the sending state can staff with the Ohio Interstate Compact Office. Offenders should still be expected to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in the State of Ohio. 

Extraditions are still being staffed on a case by case basis due to restrictions on ground transports through Prisoner Transport Services (PTS).

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