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Alcohol Consumption 01-2006


Issued on: 03/01/2006

Revised on: 04/05/2022

I. Objectives

A. This policy advocates the responsible use of alcohol at business functions for the Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision and ensures that ICAOS funds are being expended in a prudent and reasonable manner in the conduct of official business. It ensures fair and equitable treatment of individuals by defining procedures for authorized consumption of alcohol and is intended to encourage compliance with all applicable laws concerning the service and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

II. Authorized Expenses

The Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision will not incur the cost of or reimburse for the consumption of alcohol. Should a member of the Commission choose to consume alcohol at a Commission event, it is to be at the member’s expense.

III. Consumption Guidelines

A. Commission members, guests, and employees must be served by a contracted non-drinking server or bartender, and will not be permitted to prepare their own drinks.

B. Food and non-alcoholic beverages must be served or available at all events where alcohol is consumed.

C. All employees and vendors shall follow the applicable state alcohol laws [including vendor responsibility for denying service of alcohol to any person under the age of twenty-one (21); or to visibly intoxicated persons who by their significant uncoordinated physical actions or dysfunction appear to be intoxicated]