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On-Demand - ICAOS 202 Mandatory Retaking for Offenders who are Convicted of a New Felony or Violent Crime

This on-demand training module discusses Rule 5.102 and the receiving state's ability to enforce mandatory retaking for an offender convicted of a new felony or violent crime by reporting the violation on the offender Violation Report Requiring Retaking. New convictions not requiring retaking should be reported to the sending state using the Progress Report. Time to complete this module is approximately 15 minutes.

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Behavior Requiring Retaking – means an act or pattern of non-compliance with conditions of supervision that could not be successfully addressed through the use of documented corrective action or graduated responses and would result in a request for revocation of supervision in the receiving state.

Retaking – means the act of a sending state in physically removing an offender, or causing to have an offender removed, from a receiving state.