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ICAOS 2023 Annual Report Cover
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Mary Kay Hudson



from the Chair

It has been an incredible 20 years for the Commission, and we could not be prouder of all that we have achieved. From the implementation of groundbreaking policy initiatives to the successful execution of our overall mission, the Commission has continuously strived to make a positive difference in our community.

We are committed to continuing the work we have begun but also to taking on new tasks and embracing innovative ideas. Together, we stand ready to do remarkable things over the next 20 years thanks to the dedication of professionals throughout each state and the support of our National Office staff.

Our  mission  is  to  promote  public  safety,  accountability,  and  victims’  rights.  Through  this  pursuit,  we  ensure  a  single  standard  of  supervision  for  individuals,  allowing  for  their  seamless  and  successful  transfer.  Ours  is  a  comprehensive  system  of  oversight  and enforcement  that ensures consistent and uniform supervision of individuals, regardless of state or authority.

This  report  marks  an  important  milestone  –  the  20th  anniversary  of  the  Commission’s  work  in  providing  essential   services   to   individuals   under   community   supervision.  It  also  tells  the  story  of  our  most  recent  year. Through these pages, I am pleased to present this detailed overview of the significant projects and initiatives undertaken over the past year.

Migrating  ICOTS  to  a  new  hosting  environment  has  been  a  top  priority  for  the  Commission.  We  have  also  created  several  new  reports  to  improve  and  manage  compliance  performance.  In  addition,  we  have  prioritized training needs, reaffirmed the importance of data integrity  measures,  and  provided  improved  resources  for  families  and  supervised  individuals.  Moreover,  we  have  acted  on  research  findings  from  the  Compact study, setting a course for the future.

As we continue our journey together, I am honored to lead  ICAOS.  Our  Executive  Committee  is  full  of  vision  and  passion  for  the  Commission,  and  I  am  excited  to  see  what  the  future  holds  for  us.  With  the  hard  work  and dedication of our colleagues, ICAOS has the potential to make a lasting impact on our field, on those we supervise, and on those we protect.

As  we  move  forward,  we  must  maintain  not  only  our  focus but also our connection. Our ability to work together is the key to our success. My sincere hope is that we all remain as committed to one another as we are to our shared purpose.

Best Regards,

Mary Kay Hudson, Chair

ICAOS 2022 ABM - Leadership
ICAos 2022 ABM - Mary Kay Hudson

Commission Minutes Written

920 * Since 2003

Advisory Opinions Published

54 * Since 2003

Region Meetings Held

306 * Since 2003

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* The first Peyton Tuthill Award was received by Sen. Denton Darrington in 2003.

20 Years of Memories

Community corrections has changed a lot over the last 20 years and so has the Interstate Compact. Join us as we look back and celebrate the people who have helped shape ICAOS into the Commission it is today.

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