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Council Appointments

Each state determines the structure, composition and budget of their State Council. A State Council must include at least one representative from the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government, victim groups,  and the Compact Administrator. The Governor, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Senate President and Chief Justice are traditionally the primary appointing authorities. Beneath this primary layer of appointing authority, there may reside secondary appointing authority that is delegated to state officials by one or more of the primary appointing authorities. Before deciding on specific appointments you will need to review the legislation specific to your state.

States considering the following factors when recommending appointments may speed up the appointment process:

  • Is the candidate willing to serve on the Council?
  • Does the candidate have a demonstrated interest in the Compact process?
  • Is the individual well known in the criminal justice community?
  • Is the candidate influential?

Candidates for State Council appointments should be educated on:

  • The role of the Council (including current mission and goals)
  • Current activities and business of the Commission affecting the member state
  • Who and what other groups are represented on the Council
  • Term for each appointment and relevant financial responsibilities (e.g. appointment compensation or reimbursement for expenses)
  • Frequency the Council meets
  • Relevant statutory requirements and obligations (including the Council's by-laws if applicable)