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State Council Operations

Ongoing tips and tactics for your State Council’s operation include:

  1. Communicate – communicate frequently with external stakeholders such as law enforcement, judicial and victim’s advocacy groups. Consider hosting an event to educate these groups on the compact and your state’s compact-related activities.
  2. Expectations – set clear expectations from the start as to the role, duties and responsibilities of State Council members.
  3. Compliance – become an expert on your state’s public meeting notice and open meeting requirements and ensure that all compact business conducted in your state meets these requirements. Ensure that your state is meeting all compact obligations and ensure state compliance with ICAOS rules.
  4. Train – deliver training for your State Council members and other key stakeholder groups. Such training may be available from the ICAOS National Office or may be tailored for the unique situation in your state.
  5. Engage – engage with your State Council members and leaders frequently and ensure that no surprises exist – operationally or politically.
  6. Evaluate – constantly evaluate the performance of the State Council and compact office operations informally or develop more formal performance evaluations based on adopted mission, vision and goal statements – as well as defined strategic plans.
  7. Plan – engage State Council members and compact staff in strategic planning and the identification of current challenges and potential solutions. Such activities may result in short- and long-term plans.
  8. Assess – maintain up-to-date knowledge on legislative, regulatory and judicial developments as they directly and indirectly impact the activities of ICAOS in your state and how such developments may also impact ICAOS.
  9. Help – seek assistance when necessary from the ICAOS National Office and from other member jurisdictions on process, procedures, enforcement, data and information sharing, etc.
  10. Report – provide information up the chain in your state to key governmental stakeholders and appointing authorities as to the success of ICAOS. Provide required reporting information and data to the ICAOS National Office in a timely manner.