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September 26, 2022

Executive Committee Meeting
- Nassau, 2nd floor

Welcome & Introduction

DCA Training Institute - Gramercy East & West, 2nd floor

Vice Chair Hope Cooper (KS)
DCA Liaison Committee Chair Suzanne Brooks (OH)

Embracing the Spirit of the Compact

Attendees will receive a general overview of DCA responsibilities, share ideas for effective communication and understand the importance of elevating compact related issues when necessary.

DCA Liaison Committee Chair Suzanne Brooks (OH)

DCA Region Chairs:
Denis Clark (ME), East
Simona Hammond (IA), Midwest
Timothy Stickland (FL), South
Mark Patterson (OR), West


Great Plans for Great Outcomes:
Sending State's Role in the Transfer Process

This session will highlight and focus on best practices for improving outgoing transfer acceptance rates and efficiencies as a follow-up to the FY22 Rejection Assessment.

DCA Tracy Hudrlik (MN)
DCA Miriam Dyson (GA)
DCA Tanja Gilmore (WA)

New DCAs Luncheon -  Chairman's Suite

Changing Landscape of Substance Abuse and its Impact on Supervision

Participants will discuss the effects of decriminalization of drug laws and its impact on supervision for Compact offenders when the laws differ between the sending and receiving states.

Chair Jeremiah Stromberg (OR)
Ex Officio Holly Busby, National Institute of Corrections
Commissioner Mary Kay Hudson (IN)
Commissioner Joselyn López (WI)


Interstate Compact and Tolling Issues

Attendees will examine issues surrounding state’s ability to toll cases in ICOTS. Participants will discuss recommendation and best practices for handling tolling cases. 

DCA Liaison Committee Chair Suzanne Brooks (OH)

DCA Region Chairs:
Denis Clark (ME), East
Simona Hammond (IA), Midwest
Timothy Stickland (FL), South
Mark Patterson (OR), West


September 27, 2022

Opening Remarks - Gramercy East & West, 2nd floor

Chair Jeremiah Stromberg (OR)

Lessons Learned: COVID

Attendees will discuss challenges and positive changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chair Jeremiah Stromberg (OR)


Past, Present, Future: Engaging Victims

Attendees will learn why the Compact was rewritten, its current impact on victims, and how a victim centered approach can influence the future.

Vice Chair Hope Cooper (KS)
Victims Representative Pat Tuthill
Anna Nasset, 2021 Peyton Tuthill Award Winner
John Gillis, Ex Officio Victims Representative (NOVA)

Lunch [on your won]

  • East Region - Morgan, 2nd floor
  • Midwest Region - Nassau, 2nd floor
  • South Region - Murray Hill West, 2nd floor
  • West Region - Murry Hill East, 2nd floor


The Road Home: A Compact Documentary

An opportunity to see the Compact from multiple lenses, attendees will watch a documentary that tells the real-life stories of adults who transferred under the Compact. Viewers will get a close-up look from their perspective as they navigate the Compact. The audience will learn the critical role that NIC and ICAOS play and hear firsthand accounts from subject matter experts. 

The session will conclude with interviews of the individuals featured in the film and discussions with the film’s director.

Chair Jeremiah Stromberg (OR)
Devin Tau, Director and Producer
Ex Officio Holly Busby, National Institute of Corrections
Individuals from Documentary:
Samuel Ortiz (CA)
Dawn Craig (TX)

Reception - Herb N'Kitchen, 1st floor


September 28, 2022

General Session - Sutton Center, 2nd floor

Call to Order
Flag Presentation
Roll Call
Approval of Agenda & Minutes

Chair Jeremiah Stromberg (OH)

Welcome Address

Chair Jeremiah Stromberg (OR)
Commissioner Robert Maccarone (NY
Welcome Speaker (TBD)

ICAOS - Why Our Practice is Essential to Community Safety

Commissioner Robert Maccarone (NY)

Committee Reports

  • ABM Workgroup
  • Compliance Committee
  • DCA Liaison Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Training, Education & Public Relations Committee
  • Rules Committee  
  • Information Technology Committee

Chair Hope Cooper (KS)
Chair Allen Godfrey (MN)
Chair Suzanne Boorks (OH)
Treasurer Gray Roberge (CT)
Chair Joselyn Lopez (WI)
Chair Mary Kay Hudson (IN)
Chair Chris Moore (GA)


Leading Change: Improving Outcomes

Commissioners will examine their role in improving outcomes in light of the FY22 Rejection Assessment, as well as how to establish the state council so that it can be used as a support mechanism. 

Executive Director Ashley Lippert
Commissioner Andrew Zavaras (CO)
Commissioner Allen Godfrey (MN)
Commissioner Susan Gagnon (ME)


Metting the Mission: A Compact Study

Since the Compact’s passage in 2002, no formal study has been conducted to determine whether it’s fulfilling its mission and purpose. This study examined the individuals impacted by the Compact, including justice-involved clients and corrections practitioners as well as the benefits and drawbacks of interstate transfers. Commissioners will also learn what outcomes resulted from the study and potential areas for future improvements.

Chair Jeremiah Stromberg (OR)
University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute (OH):
Timothy G. Edgemon, PhD
Andrew Krebs, PhD
Meghan Novisky, PhD
Myrinda Schweitzer Smith, PhD


The Next 20 Years

The Commission’s 20th Anniversary meeting will conclude with a discussion of how to move the Compact forward and what future goals it should pursue. 

Chair Jeremiah Stromberg (OR)
DCA Liaison Committee Chair Suzanne Brooks (OH)

Awards Presentation

  • Executive Chair Award
  • Executive Director Award
  • Peyton Tuthill Award
  • Officers and Committee Chair Recognition Awards

Chair Jeremiah Stromberg (OR)
Executive Director Ashley Lippert

Old Business / New Business

  • Call to the Public
  • Officer Elections


Executive Committee Meeting
(Officers and Region Chairs Only)
- Nassau West, 2nd floor