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NJSA 2A:168-26

Signed into law:
December 11, 2002


Samuel Plumeri

Commissioner / Compact Administrator

Samuel PlumeriPhoto


Chairman Samuel J. Plumeri, Jr. serves as chairman of the New Jersey State Parole Board. In this capacity, he oversees an organization that serves

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Chairman Samuel J. Plumeri, Jr. serves as chairman of the New Jersey State Parole Board. In this capacity, he oversees an organization that serves as the state’s lead reentry agency working to ensure that supervised individuals return to society as law-abiding citizens. Additionally, Mr. Plumeri is charged with reducing the state’s recidivism rate.


Prior to joining the New Jersey State Parole Board, Mr. Plumeri served at the Port Authority of NY & NJ as Superintendent of Police and Director of Public Safety.


Chairman Plumeri was appointed Mercer County Sheriff in 1990 and then won several elections thereafter.


Chairman Plumeri began his law enforcement career when he joined the Trenton Police Division, serving as a patrol officer until he was promoted to the department’s Special Services Unit. He then eventually was appointed Chief of Intelligence where he led the Trenton-Mercer Organized Crime Strike Force.


Chairman Plumeri has also served as a guiding force for Capital Health System for 16 years, helping to lead the health care system as a member of the Board of Directors from 2003 to 2018. In 2015, Mr. Plumeri was appointed Chairman, Board of Trustees—a role which he still holds.


Deputy Compact Administrator

Dina Rogers

Deputy Compact Administrator / Parole

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Shyra Bland

Deputy Compact Administrator / Probation

Shyra BlandPhoto


State ICOTS Administrator

NJ Parole - ICOTS Administrator

ICOTS Administrator Parole


NJ Probation - ICOTS Administrator

ICOTS Administrator Probation


Compact Office

Patti DiMassa

Administrative Specialist- Probation Transfer L-O & Travel Permits


Jessica Desmond-Judkins

Administrative Specialist- Probation Transfers A-K


Robin Jolley

Administrative Specialist-Probation Transfers P-Z


Jessica Swarer

Parole Compact Office Assistant Supervisor / Sergeant


Michael Nunn

Parole Compact Office Supervisor / Lieutenant


State Council


Executive Representative

Lisa Palmiere, Department of Corrections

Judicial Representative

Judge Glenn A. Grant, J.A.D., Administrative Director, New Jersey Courts

Legislative Representative

Sandra B. Cunningham, Senate

Victims' Representative

vacant, Victims’ Group Representative

Additional Members

Dina Rogers, Esq., Deputy Compact Administrator - Parole

Shyra Bland, Deputy Compact Administrator - Probation

Anthony Barber, Law Enforcement Representative

Kristin M. Corrado, Senate

Jamel C. Holley, Assembly



Probation: $25/mo

Probation Electronic Monitoring: Per device monitoring fee: $32/mo