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Executive Law § 259-MM

Signed into law:
July 1, 2003


Robert Maccarone

Commissioner / Compact Administrator

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Robert Maccarone's 46-plus years of public service began in Westchester County. There, he spent more than 25 years as a prosecutor and deputy bure

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Robert Maccarone's 46-plus years of public service began in Westchester County. There, he spent more than 25 years as a prosecutor and deputy bureau chief-- in the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office; a deputy commissioner at the Westchester County Department of Correction, where he oversaw medical and program services; and the director of criminal justice for Westchester County, which included oversight of state and federal aid programs as well as the extensive portfolio of alternatives to incarceration programs.  

Today, he serves as deputy commissioner at the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services and director of Probation Correctional Alternatives. He also serves as a special advisor to the governor.  

Appointed in August of 2014, Mr. Maccarone serves as the New York State commissioner/compact administrator for the Interstate Compact for Adult Supervision. In this capacity, he oversees the interstate transfers of 6,000 individuals on probation and parole supervision.  

As state director, Robert Maccarone oversees, funds, and regulates the state’s fifty-seven counties and City of New York probation departments, as well as more than two hundred community-based alternatives to incarceration/community corrections programs, including 20 county re-entry task forces.  Mr. Maccarone's tenure also includes the implementation of Leandra's Law, resulting in the New York Ignition Interlock program which he continues to oversee and through which more than 75,000 ignition interlock devices have been installed in the motor vehicles of individuals convicted of DWI crimes in New York State.  

Education:  Bachelor of Sciences in Psychology from Fordham University; Master of Arts in Sociology/Criminal Justice from Fordham University; Juris Doctor Degree from the PACE University School of Law; and completion of the Summer Program for Senior Executives in Government from Harvard University—John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Personal interests include hiking with family in the northwest, international travel, and reading and researching the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln. 


Deputy Compact Administrator

Matthew Charton

Deputy Compact Administrator Probation / Adult Probation

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Robert Fall

Deputy Compact Adminstrator


State ICOTS Administrator

NY Parole - ICOTS Administrator

ICOTS Administrator Parole


NY Probation - ICOTS Administrator

ICOTS Administrator Probation


Compact Office

Jessica Mariani

Administrative Specialist


Penney Belcher

Probation Interstate Unit Supervisor / Domestic Violence


Jordan Cerniglia

Probation Offenders: A-G


Kelly Palmateer

Probation Supervisor: Overdue Issues, Special Attention A-Z, Adult Sex Offenders, Retaking and Probable Cause Hearing Issues


Randy Blais

Senior Parole Officer


Ronald Hotaling

Senior Parole Officer


Victims' Representative

Vacant -

Victim Representative




Offender Information

Sex Offender Registration Requirements

State Council



Executive Representative

Rossana Rosado, Commissioner, NYC DCJS

Judicial Representative

Honorable Robert Mandelbaum, Acting Supreme Court Justice - New York County

Legislative Representative

Honorable David I. Weprin, Assemblyman

Victims' Representative


Additional Members

Anthony Annucci, Acting Commissioner, NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision

Tina Stanford, Chairwoman, NYS Board of Parole

Honorable Julia Salazar , Senator

Honorable Philip Ramos, Assemblyman

Elizabeth Cronin, Director - New York State Office of Victim Services

Honorable Luis Sepulveda, Senator

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Parole: $30/mo
Probation: Fees vary