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NCGSA 148-4B

Signed into law:
October 23, 2002


Timothy Moose

Commissioner / Compact Administrator

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Tim Moose was appointed in April 2019 to serve as Acting Chief Deputy Secretary of the Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice (ACJ

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Tim Moose was appointed in April 2019 to serve as Acting Chief Deputy Secretary of the Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice (ACJJ) . In this role, Mr. Moose oversees the agencies and personnel responsible for the care, custody and supervision of all adults and juveniles sentenced after conviction for violations of North Carolina law.


Since 2012, Moose has served as Deputy Secretary overseeing several operational sections including Community Corrections, Special Operations and Intelligence, Reentry Programs & Services, Staff Development and Training, Combined Records, and Critical Incidence Responses Administration. In this capacity, he also has worked with the Post Release-Parole Commission on policy and offender supervision as well as with Prisons on joint operational issues.  These operations have responsibilities for the supervision of 110,000 offenders in the community; community and facility programming; multiple community and law enforcement partnerships, intelligence and task forces projects.


A career corrections professional with 35 years experience, Moose has gained expertise in all aspects of division administration, technology utilization, offender supervision, treatment programming, and special operations. He began his career as a Probation Officer rising through several positions until his appointment in 2009 as Director Community Corrections. His work has included several break-through developments for field operations in the state, such as national award-winning technology improvements to automate Probation Officer caseload management, share information, provide smartphone applications for officers; and the implementation of an evidence based behavioral management approach to offender supervision.


Moose is a graduate of North Carolina State University with degrees in Criminal Justice and Political Science and the National Institute of Corrections Probation Executives Program. He has served on the Governors Crime Commission, NC Domestic Violence Commission, State Advisory Committee for Drug Treatment Courts, and the State Advisory Committee for Operation Recovery.


Deputy Compact Administrator

Betty Payton

Deputy Compact Adminstrator

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Additional Members

Craig B. Surber, Division 2, Probation/Parole Officer

Tammy Edwards, Division 1, Assistant Judicial District Manager

Jaquetta Ingram, Division 3, Chief Probation/Parole Officer

Kevin Miller, Division 4, Judicial District Manager

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