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ARS 31-467

Signed into law:
May 30, 2002


Dori Littler

Commissioner / DCA Probation

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Dori Littler has held her current position as the Deputy Compact Administrator (DCA) for Arizona Adult Probation since December 1999. Prior to thi

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Dori Littler has held her current position as the Deputy Compact Administrator (DCA) for Arizona Adult Probation since December 1999. Prior to this position, She was an adult probation officer with the Gila County Probation Department in Globe, Arizona. As DCA, she is responsible for training and oversight of the interstate compact program. She was appointed as Arizona’s Compact Commissioner in January 2005, currently serves on the Rules Committee, and is a national trainer for the Training Committee. She has previously served as Chair of the West Region and Training Committee. In 2006, she was awarded the Executive Chair Award for her outstanding service to the Commission.

Littler regularly trains line officers, judges, attorneys and other court personnel on the rules of the interstate compact throughout Arizona. She has also trained criminal justice personnel in Colorado, Texas, Missouri, Nevada, California, Hawaii, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Idaho, Alaska, New Jersey, Kansas, Iowa, Connecticut, New Mexico, and Washington, D.C.

Littler is a graduate of St. Cloud State University with a B.A. in Criminal Justice.


Compact Administrator

David Shinn

Compact Administrator


Deputy Compact Administrator

Matthew Poyzer

Deputy Compact Administrator / Parole

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State ICOTS Administrator

AZ Parole - ICOTS Administrator

ICOTS Administrator Parole


AZ Probation - ICOTS Administrator

ICOTS Administrator Probation


Compact Office

Javier Vega

Parole: A-M


Michael Osborne

Parole: N-Z


Kristen Brown

Probation ISC: A-L


Bryan Ethington

Probation ISC: M-Z



Offender Information

Sex Offender Registration Requirements

State Council


Executive Representative

Ryan Thornell, Director of Corrections and Compact Administrator

Judicial Representative

Judge Laura Reckart, Maricopa County Superior Court

Legislative Representative

Karen Fann, State Senator

Victims' Representative

Carrie Howe, Administrator, Office of Victim Services, Dept. of Corrections

Additional Members

Dori Littler, Commissioner and Deputy Compact Administrator - Probation

Matthew Poyzer, Deputy Compact Administrator

Joe Dedman, Apache County, Sheriff’s Representative

Brad Carlyon, Navajo County Attorneys

Jennifer Rock, Maricopa County Public Defender

James Gregory, Yavapai County Board of Supervisors



Probation: $65/mo (can be lowered based on the supervised individuals ability to pay and is mandated by AZ Statute)

Parole: $65/mo


Probation (outgoing): $150-$400

Parole: $200