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Signed into law:
July 3, 2001


Jeremiah Stromberg


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Jeremiah Stromberg is currently serving as the Assistant Director of Community Corrections for the Oregon Department of Corrections. This rol

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Jeremiah Stromberg is currently serving as the Assistant Director of Community Corrections for the Oregon Department of Corrections. This role includes oversight of the community corrections grant in aid funding; development of statewide legislation, policies, and rules that govern community corrections; jail inspections; program evaluations; liaison between the Counties of Oregon and the Department of Corrections; and Interstate Compact.

Stromberg served on the Oregon Board of Parole & Post-Prison Supervision from 2009–2012, first as the Executive Director before being appointed by Governor John Kitzhaber as a member of the Board. From 1997–2009, he worked for Multnomah County Department of Community Justice in Portland, Oregon in a variety of roles including: Lead of the Juvenile Sex Offender Treatment Unit within the Juvenile Detention Center; Manager of the Adult Secure Residential Treatment Program; Manager of the START Drug Court; Manager of the Parole and Probation Domestic Violence Unit, and Manager of the Local Control Supervision Unit.


In 2016, Stromberg was elected Vice Chair of the Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision and in 2018 was elected as the Commission’s Chair. He is also a former Chair of the Commission’s Compliance Committee.


Compact Administrator

Colette Peters

Compact Administrator


Deputy Compact Administrator

State ICOTS Administrator

OR - ICOTS Administrator

ICOTS Administrator


Compact Office

Larry Bennett

Community Corrections Administrator


Khris Nunnery

Compact Coordinator


Kristina Reames

Compact Coordinator


Ruby McClorey

Lead Worker & Compact Coordinator


Victims’ Representative

Annette Chrisemer

Victim Advocate




Number: ORS Sec 144-600

Violation Grid Information

Sanction Equivalency Table

State Council


Jeremiah Stromberg, Chair and Compact Commissioner
Mark Patterson, Vice-Chair and Deputy Compact Administrator
Melissa McNabb, Secretary and Support
Honorable Brad Berry, Yamhill County Judge
Senator Floyd Prozanski, Senate Appointment
Vacant, Youth Authority
Vacant, OYA, Juvenile Deputy Compact Administrator
Fran Lushenko, Governor’s Extradition Officer
Heidi Moawad, Governor’s Appointment
Annette Chrisemer, Victim Advocate
Heather Fowler, OACCD, Multnomah Co. PO
Tom Bergin, OSSA
Tina Potter, OACCD, Tri County PO
Jake Greer, OACCD, Lake Co Director
Judge Kelly Skye, Judicial
Vacant, House Appointment
Vacant, Public Defender





$50 to ISC; plus 3/4 of OR counties charge additional $25-$150. ISC’s fee may be reduced based on offender’s situation.