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CRSA §§ 24-60-2802

Signed into law:
April 10, 2000


Andrew Zavaras

Commissioner / Compact Administrator

Andrew ZavarasPhoto


Deputy Compact Administrator

John Cribari

DCA Parole


Devon Whitefield

DCA Probation

Devon WhitefieldPhoto


State ICOTS Administrator

CO Parole - ICOTS Administrator

ICOTS Administrator Parole


CO Probation - ICOTS Administrator

ICOTS Administrator Probation


Compact Office

Ny Yarber

Parole ICOTS Administrator


Alexandria Luevano

Probation Interstate Compact Specialist A-L


Marisa Gibbins

Probation Interstate Compact Specialist M-Z


Victims' Representative

Kelly Kissell

Victims' Representative



Violation Grid Information

Colorado Parole Violation Decision Making Process (CVDMP) User Guide - See p14 for Presumptive Response Matrix

Please note the following for probationers coming into Colorado: All probationers, who are sentenced to ISP in the sending state, will be placed on intensive supervision in Colorado. All probationers (with an offense date of 10/1/13 or later), who are sentenced to regular probation in the sending state, shall be screened for intensive probation in Colorado. If the probationer meets criteria, the probationer will be placed in the intensive program, even though they were sentenced to regular supervision in the sending state.

For offenders being sent from Colorado, Compact States will be receiving requests for ISP supervision for those sentenced by the court (offenses before 10/1/13), as well as requests for intensive supervision from the probation officer for cases that may not have received a direct sentence to ISP. The receiving state should contact Colorado, via ICOTS, when the offender has completed the ISP requirements, prior to moving the offender to standard supervision.


C.R.S. 18-1.3-202 Courts maintaining jurisdiction over probationers, during revocations

Colorado HB 16-1359 for Probationers—Medical Marijuana / Effective Date 08.10.16

State Council


Executive Representative

John Cribari, Deputy Compact Administrator for Parole, Co-chair

Judicial Representative

Devon Whitefield, Deputy Compact Administrator for Probation, Co-Chair

Legislative Representative

VACANT, State Senator

Victims' Representative

Kelly Kissel, Victim Representative

Additional Members

Glenn Tapia, Director of Probation

Kyle Sauer, Assistant Legal Counsel

Anne Stavig, Municipal Court Judge, Advisory Member

Kristen Hilkey, Colorado Parole Board Chair, Advisory Member

Jeffrey Holmes, District Court Judge, Advisory Member

Joyce Akhahenda, Public Defenders Office Representative, Advisory Member

David Martin, Sheriff's Association Representative, Advisory Member

Jaime FitzSimons, Sheriff Representative, Advisory Member

William Culver, District Attorney Representative, Advisory Member



Probation: $50/mo
Parole: $10/mo C-WISE Fee


Probation (outgoing): $100
Effective 07.01.12